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Tianjin Meijiahua Steel is a group of international economic entity, including affiliated enterprise. Manufacture: TIANJIN TIANKANG METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD, TIANJIN TONGFU METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD. Export Trading company : Tianjin Meijiahua Trade CO., LTD. HK company: Meijiahua Trade CO., LIMITED. Meijiahua corporation steel was established in 1999, it was one among the group of the manufacturer of researched & developed WIRE, MESH, PIPE, SCREW in China. We have twenty production line.


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  • What Is Erw Steel Pipe?

    ERW steel pipe is a kind of electric resistance welded pipe, referred to as ERW. It is usually used to transport oil, natural gas and other gas-liquid objects. ERW steel pipes can meet various requirements of high and low pressure, and are the main force in the global transmission pipeline indust...

  • The Role Of Self Tapping Screw

    Self tapping screws are versatile and essential fasteners that play an important role in construction and manufacturing. Self tapping screw, also known as fast threading screws, have a unique design that creates threads in thin metal plates. The screws are made of steel, the surface is galvanized...

  • How To Select a Steel Coil

    When choosing a steel coil, there are several factors to consider. Steel coils are hot or cold formed to facilitate storage and transportation, and to facilitate further processing. Therefore, you must understand the various properties of steel coils and their specific applications before choosin...

  • The Role Of Steel Mesh

    Steel mesh is a general term for materials such as low carbon steel wire, medium carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, etc. woven or welded into a mesh material. The production process has: ordinary woven type, embossed woven type and spot welding type. It is mainly mad...

  • A Brief Introduction Of Reinforcing Mesh

    Steel reinforcing mesh can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and it is used in a wide range of applications, such as in engineering construction, campus construction and hospital construction. Reinforcing Mesh is also called cold rolled ribbed welded construction steel mesh, steel wire mesh, ...