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Tianjin Meijiahua Steel is a group of international economic entity, including affiliated enterprise. Manufacture: TIANJIN TIANKANG METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD, TIANJIN TONGFU METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD. Export Trading company : Tianjin Meijiahua Trade CO., LTD. HK company: Meijiahua Trade CO., LIMITED. Meijiahua corporation steel was established in 1999, it was one among the group of the manufacturer of researched & developed WIRE, MESH, PIPE, SCREW in China. We have twenty production line.


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  • Steel Wire Rope Inspection Need To Pay Attention To What

    Steel wire rope is the mechanical properties and geometric size in accordance with the requirements of the steel wire twisted together in accordance with certain rules of spiral wire bundle, wire rope by steel wire, rope core and grease composition. Steel wire rope is first by the multi-layer ste...

  • Galvanizing Process Of Galvanized Gabion Mesh

    As we all know, galvanized gabion mesh is made of metal, there are many corrosive substances in rivers and oceans, so the metal will be corroded when it is in contact with water for a long time, so why people choose it as a protective structure, because the surface of galvanized gabion mesh is co...

  • Wire Rope Knot Length Requirements?

    Wire rope braiding length requirements are as follows. 1. The sleeve length is 15-20 times of wire rope diameter, the smaller sleeve is usually 40~50 times of wire rope diameter. 2. For important parts of the rope, the joint length can be increased to 80~100 times, so the butt wiring method is al...

  • The Role Of Galvanized Square Tube

    A rectangular tube is a square-shaped body of pipe, also known as a steel refrigeration bent profile, cold-drawn or press-rolled aluminum thin-walled steel pipe. Rectangular tube specifications are expressed in terms of side length and wall thickness for welded steel tubes, also known as welded t...

  • Can Razor Barbed Wire Be Used In Parks And Zoos?

    Plastic painted razor barbed wire is a piece of knife-shaped barbed wire rope after manufacturing, after rust protection processing and formed, razor barbed wire should have a good rust-proof periphery, peripheral processing should look good, and can be good practical value, more convenient to in...